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M&B Dairy - M&B Dairy is a large and renowned environmentally robust dairy operation in Citrus County.  The milk produced at this dairy is sent to the M&B production facility in Tampa.




Duke Energy - Duke Energy has a large energy complex in Citrus County which includes coal and gas fired generation units. 




Sibex, Inc. - Sibex is an advanced electronic manufacturing company with two of its four divisions located in Citrus County. Their Power & Cable Division, located in Homosassa, is dedicated to power products and cable and wiring harnesses and Electronics Division, located at a new state-of-the-art facility in Crystal River, is designed for efficient medium to very high production printed circuit assembly. Since forming in 1983, the company has acquired over 120,000 square feet of combined manufacturing area. 


Technology Conservation Group, Inc. - TCG is an electronics recycling, asset management and electronic component distribution company providing a full complement of end-of-life electronics management services. The company is proud to have its headquarters  in Lecanto, Florida since 1996. With six facilities across the globe, TCG works to prevent waste and pollution by maximizing re-use opportunities and eliminating landfill disposition.


Turbine Broach Co. - Located in Hernando, Florida, Turbine Broach is a broach manufacturing facility, specializing in precision tools for turbine engines for use in several applications, such as power generation, military vehicles, and commercial aircraft. Since its incorporation in 1972, the company has worked with several leading aerospace companies, including General Electric Aviation, Tusas Engine Industries, and Bet-Shemesh Engines.

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